Jenesis Peaks publishes her first novel.  The first of many to follow, Jenesis is excited to introduce the first volume of a three part series.  Don't miss out on the beginning of a very intriguing,  and inspiring, and unusual love story. Love In The Second Degree promises to apease it's readers.  Also, once purchase is made, you will automatically be added to Jenesis's readers club and receive first hand information on all forth coming books and other products.

Love In The Second Degree

ISBN: 978-0-9826986-6-2  Volume 1


An inspired story. What happens when a father blackmails a son, and a son dishonors a father? War!


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In this heart rendering and inspirational novel about a love triangle, secrets between father and son threaten to blow up a family and a marriage and change lives forever.  When Samuel’s preaching father, Sir Bishop Wade, blackmails him into joining the ministry to carry out his legacy, and then demands he marries the daughter of a fellow laborer, Samuel feels like his life is out of control. 


How can he be his own man? How will he pursue his dreams? How can he be true to his marriage vows with someone he doesn’t love?  Fortunately while shopping at a local store, Samuel meets a beautiful woman who becomes the love of his life. However, he is forbidden to marry a love interest who is outside of the Bishops Circle.  At a crossroad, Samuel must make a choice. Is blood thicker than true love?



      Resurrecting Lives , One letter At A Time!

Turning letters into words and words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs and paragraphs into the stories that save lives is the essence of beauty.